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IMEX America

I was selected through the university advisory board as one of the first students from The University of Iowa to attend the 2022 IMEX America conference in Las Vegas. As a result, I had the opportunity to network with experts in the event industry and participate in the future leader's forum, where I executed my ideas into a proposal pitch event to international event vendors.

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Recycled Runway

This event was a sustainable fashion show through the event management certificate at The University of Iowa. Our Earth Day Fashion show on April 22nd uniquely highlighted how much plastic harms our planet as designers and models use plastic bags in their garments. As I had the opportunity to be the team leader, I had the chance to help promote the event, educate attendees, and hold bag drives to collect them to bring them to recycling facilities after the event that disposes of these bags ethically. As well as live stream the event and leave attendees feeling inspired.

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